35MM ISO400

Since starting developing film on my own and looking into various other film stocks, I came across this one and figured it would be a good challenge.
With infrared light not being visible to the human eye it sure is challenging as it basically gets pitch black looking through the viewfinder with the filter on.
Also with the IR spectrum wavelength being longer it throws your focus off which then needs some readjusting from what would be right to our eyes.
All shot on a Canon AE-1 with a couple different FD Lenses.

Audi Nines 2021, Crans Montana, Switzerland

BA-Trails, Bavaria, Germany

Innsbruck, Austria

' shot on '

Camera: Canon AE-1
Lenses: Canon FD 17, 24, 35, 35 Tilt Shift, 55
Film Stock: Rollei Infrared 135 36 ISO400