I’ve had this idea of a relatively slow paced, self-filmed video including still frames for a while. Producing a video in Canada has been on my list as well, but I always had to cut down on camera luggage due to usually bringing two bikes over the pond with me.
We’d been filming a project with Erik and Emil prior to this, so I had all my camera gear with me and it felt like the ideal timing to make it happen.

I decided it would be a good challenge to produce a video all on my own from the filming, to the actual riding and all the post production steps.
Filming and riding simultaneously definitely made me misjudge framings and I had to set up certain angles a couple of times. It ended up being quite exhausting, always having to run up to the other side of the hill to hit start/stop.

catching a breath in-between filming scenes

Here’s a few photos from my time in Canada. Some taken by myself, and some taken by my road trip/riding buddy, Leon Thiele.

My favourite two features at the Bike Ranch.

moody ferry ride to Vancouver Island

from a filmer’s perspective, ferns are what I love most about Canada.

direction, riding, filming, editing, colors, sound by Peter Kaiser
supported by Chromag Bikes
last clip by Leon Thiele
action/lifestyle photograpgy by Leon Thiele